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Translator's name:Tatiana Gava Presoti
Lanaguage pair:English to Portuguese translator
Country of residence:Brazil
Activity:Acitive since 2011
Membership status:Basic member

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Hello! My name is Tatiana Presoti, I am a Brazilian Portuguese native translator and also a journalist with over eight years of experience.

As far as my background goes, the greatest highlight of my career is the fact that, from february of 2004 until june of 2010, I worked as a translator and as a journalist for the leading Corporate Communication agency in Brazil, CDN Comunicacao Corporativa ( During the time I worked for CDN, I translated, edited and revised mostly websites, manuals, books, films, press releases and documents. In addition, I possess a native-level fluency in the English language due a seven-year English education and two years and seven months of residency in the USA.

My latest big translation projects were the Encore 5.0 manual (Encore is a popular music notation software), 140 eHow articles, the website (well-known in Europe) and the award-winning U.S. film "The Nature of Existence" (, directed by american director Roger Nygard. My resume can be read right below my signature.

To finalize, I am seeking opportunities to contribute as a translator/editor/proofreader in order to provide high-quality and extremely accurate translations for you or your business.

Thank you for reading my profile, and please, do not hesitate to contact me (Email: id:!

Kind regards,
Tatiana G. Presoti

Tatiana Presoti
Av. Hugo Musso, 1692, apt. 403
Vila Velha-ES, Brazil, 29.101-785
Mobile Phone: + 55 (27) 9252-4969
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