Freelance translator profile for Maria Peres

Translator's name:Maria Peres
Lanaguage pair:English to Portuguese translator
Country of residence:Portugal
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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Multi-phase translations, deadline hitter and well-crafted results: these are the main characteristics I would sum up about my translator competences.

My Academic qualifications:

. Graduated in Portuguese and English Languages and Literatures.
. Post-Grad in English Translation Specialization

My Translation Experience:

. Between 1979 till 1989 -Translation of juvenile books, total of ten books.

. Between October 2005 and January 2010
translation of novels and technical works - total of 15 books and miscellaneous essays.
The Gilded Chamber, by Rebecca Kohn, 2005;
The Secrets of Jin-shei, by Alma Alexander, 2006;
Future Hype: The Myths of Technology Change, by Bob Seidensticker, 2006
Daughter of God, by Lewis Perdue, 2006; Sun at Midnight , by Rosie Thomas, 2006;
Sun at Midnight, by Rosie Thomas;
Polar Shift, by Clive Cussler, 2007;
Iris and Ruby, by Rosie Thomas, 2007;
Follies, by Rosie Thomas October 2007;
Slow Down to Speed Up, by Lothar S. Seiwert, 2008
Mrs. Kimble, by Jennifer Haighs, 2008;
The Host, by Stephenie Meyer, 2009;
Breaking Down, by Stephenie Meyer, 2009
Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion, by Mark Cotta Vaz, 2009
Twilight Director's Notebook, by Catherine hardwicke
New Moon: The Official Illustrated Movie Companion, by Mark Cotta Vaz, 2009

My Professional Experience besides the Translation:

. Responsible as executive manager at Portugal Telecom for communication & information as well as publicity tasks. These included press releases, media communications, trade magazine publications, etc.