Freelance translator profile for Oivier

Translator's name:Oivier
Lanaguage pair:French to English translator
Country of residence:France
Activity:Acitive since 2010
Membership status:Basic member

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Business and technical translator, in the following fields, Finance, Management, Human Resources, Marketing, Law,

Translation of all formats - texts, audio, audio-visual, & multi-media.

No job too big or too small

Areas of expertise

Technology ; IT, telecommunications, nuclear and renewable energy, civil engineering, metallurgy and industrial chemistry, electronics.

Translator of a Daily Financial Publication areas covered; Technology, Macro Economy, Micro Economy, Pharmacology & Biotechnology, Automobile, IT, Medias, Telecoms, Food, Bank & Finance, Worldwide Stock Markets.

Presentation Translator including; Sales, Technical, NGO, reports and consulting work, Administrative work & Back Office presentations, Com firms, Internet sites,

Contract Law; Insurance, Labour, Commercial,

Economics translator for NGOs, Government, financial publications.

Translated Professional Training Programmes in Management, Marketing, Human Resources, Finance, Strategy, Law, Communication, Production, Supply Chain Management, Knowledge Management.

Translation in the fields of Research & Development, National Vs International Standards.

Technical Translator of computers, electronic parts, production processes, shipping & customs requirements, financial products, machine user manuals & training programmes, technical system processes and reports.